Start by doing small things that we can! vol.3

Start by doing small things that we can! vol.3

In January, a project was launched to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of eligible products as part of a "plan to both help the affected areas and generate sales at our own shops".
This third edition of the project picks up items for which the best season is from now on!
Just as the news and media only focus on the current situation at first, this donation project is not an activity that can be finished after 1-2 times, but rather a project that will continue steadily, even if there are monthly fluctuations, which is the most important thing! We are very grateful to you all for your help!
It is a great power for us to receive your help!

【Donation amount】
・The donation will be made in the amount of 5000 yen respectively from the sales of each of the target products.

【Acceptance period】
・22nd March - 21st April 2024.

【Donations can be made to】
・Japanese Red Cross Society Domestic Disaster Relief Fund "Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund"

A report on the third round of donations will be sent by email to each of the donors only after the transfer of funds at the end of the third round.

" Target Item "

  • Alès Dacchia
  • Alès Dacchia

    The fluffy poodle sandals have been on sale since autumn/winter, as sandals that can be enjoyed in all seasons, rather than sandals that are considered to be spring/summer wear.
    The best time of year for these sandals, which accentuate your styling from now on when it is still chilly and warm, has arrived! That's why we picked up these sandals this time!
    We will donate "5,000 yen" per item from the sales of them.

  • White trousers + black styling with a firm foot volume match!
    Long wings also naturally fit in with the balanced combination of white trousers and poodles!
  • Below-the-knee T-shirt dress with inner trousers.
    Add leg warmers to keep you warm!
    New volume that boots don't have, and a good overall balance!
  • Even with monotone styling, a relaxed, not-too-crisp look can be achieved with poodle sandals!
  • The 2-way parachute trousers are also the best match for the poodle sandals, which can be worn with a cinched ankle or full-length and loose and wide!

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