Tell you how great these pants are!

Tell you how great these pants are!

The 2-way shoulder trousers from Jacopo, which we wanted to focus on as soon as possible in our content.
After waiting for the sandals to arrive, they finally appeared at this time when the sleeveless range is available!
We have not focused much on these trousers since their launch.
The cotton material can be enjoyed in real all seasons, and is not limited to spring and summer, such as T-shirt and sleeveless, but is also a good match for sweatshirts and knitwear in autumn and winter.
The greatest appeal is that they can be styled in a wide range of ways!
As the first step in introducing the styling range that makes this appealing, we finally focus on the timing of the change of season from spring to summer, when many items are now available!

Some of our customers are curious about these trousers.
They are a bit pricey, but we are confident that they are packed with three key points that make them worth it!

One pant becomes many different trousers! The most important feature of these pants is that they can be made into many different types of pants!
Here are some of the different arrangements that can be made with each part!
    • " Waist&Shoulder Belt "
      The position of the waist and the way the shoulders are used can create a completely different atmosphere and impression, even if the hem shape is the same!

      Trousers without shoulders, simply worn as they are.

      【One Shoulder】
      Stylish with only one shoulder!

      Use both shoulders and wear them below the chest for an overall look!
    • " Hem shape&Arrangement "
      Without changing the waist position, one pair of trousers can be best matched with boots & sandals by a single hem arrangement!

      【Pull an elastic】
      The elasticated hems can be tightened like cargo trousers!

      Firmly folded thickly and accented!

      Easily balanced by simply changing the position of the fold even when rolled up to match the footwear!

      【Full Length】
      Full-length trousers, which are often thought to be difficult to balance, also go well with sandals◎

Black trousers can be enjoyed in a wide range of styles, from casual to edgy!
The colour of the matching footwear and tops further expands the styling!
    • The monotone styling is firmly voluminous as sarouel trousers!
    • The top is sleek and tight, while the bottoms are loose-fitting and ankle-curling!
    • Relaxed mode with a simple T-shirt.
      This staring was actually inspired by the styling of a male customer who already has one!
    • Full-lengths are also instantly stylish with one-shoulder accents!

MIRITARY, but as an exquisite colour with a low green tinge, it goes well with black as well as white◎
    • Simple tops are the best way to utilise the pants' three-dimensional silhouette for styling!
    • Loose-fitting asymmetrical tops can also be easily arranged by making use of the shoulder belt!
    • Full-length for volume and a sleek top!
      Add lightness with sandals on the feet!
    • Even relaxed bottoms look cool simply by adding an inner tank to create a layered look!

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