Start by doing small things that we can! vol.5

Start by doing small things that we can! vol.5

This is the fifth edition of the project to both help the affected areas and generate sales for our own shop.
Through this project, we would like to continue to do what we can do now by donating a part of the sales of the target products.
In the fourth phase, new items were targeted as soon as they went on sale, and thanks to everyone's support, they have all been sold out!
Thank you very much for your support!
We were able to achieve both the main purpose of this project, which is to provide aid to the affected areas and to generate sales for our own shop!
Six months after the disaster, we would like to continue to do what we can to help shape the various difficulties in the affected areas that have yet to be resolved and that cannot be seen in the news!

【Donation amount】
・The donation will be made in the amount of 2000 yen respectively from the sales of each of the target products.

【Acceptance period】
・28th June - 29th July 2024.

【Donations can be made to】
・Japanese Red Cross Society Domestic Disaster Relief Fund "Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund"

A report on the fifth round of donations will be sent by email to each of the donors only after the transfer of funds at the end of the fifth round.

This time around, we've picked up short-sleeved tops, tank tops, sleeveless tops and other tops that you can't get enough of from now on! The items in this collection include short-sleeved tops, tank tops, sleeveless tops and other tops that are so active from now on that you can't have too many of them!
These items are not only suitable for a wide range of slim and loose bottoms, but also work well as inner tops in autumn and winter.
Last year, the heat lasted until the end of October and short-sleeved tops were a big hit!
This summer is said to be even hotter than last year.
So why not buy more at this time and enjoy hot summer styling to the hilt?
    • Best fabric quality! Last one in non-transparent white is size L!
    • XL is also no problem! Comfortable top with firm stretch!
    • White paint on black lightens the summer heat from the outside!
    • Accent paint goes well with black bottoms!
    • A coloured tank is useful all year round as an inner tank!
    • Men's popular FLINT coloured tanks only in sizeL&XL!
    • Popular sizeS only! Tank with a silhouette that can be worn on its own!
    • CoolBEIGE, popular for its exquisite colours, is a top that works all year round!
    • Loose-fitting white asymmetricals are popular with many people!
    • Popular cotton linen tops in fresh raw colours!
    • If you want to shift from black T-shirts to knit tops, this is the first choice!
    • Transparent useful white tops that are not overdone and not too simple!
    • If black cotton T-shirts are a must, this is a must-have!
    • Super stretchy and comfortable top!
    • A lot of people buy these tops in different colours, so you can't go wrong with them!
    • A new way to wear men's oversized sleeveless tops in a larger size!
    • thom's basic T-shirt has been a best-seller every season!
    • The relaxed body width and slim fit go well with bottoms!
    • The fine cotton material gives you a secure and comfortable fit!
    • Last cotton linen T-shirt in size S!
    • T-shirt with a cool dyed texture visible on the folded sleeves!

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