Make your Great Summer

Make your Great Summer

For the second year in a row, the dress from the RUNDHOLZ linen series sold out immediately within a few days of its launch.
Last year and this year, many people picked up both, partly because they are completely different designs in the same linen material.
However, both sold out without being shown styled or actually being used, so we decided to have these two models specially reproduced!
So for this content, there's no need to get lost with the re-release of these two completely different impressions of the two dresses! Both are completely different! So, here are the key points and different impressions of each one!

"It's not a matter of which is better, both are good!" The two linen dress that answer the question "Which one is better?"
Both are so attractive in their own way that they sell out immediately!

Two linen dresses, each with completely different qualities.
Focus on the best thing about each!
  • After all, the charm of this dress is that you can use the side drawcodes to change the silhouette of the loose-fitting dress and the impression of each one!
  • The cocoon silhouette of this front-facing dress can be worn with trousers for a cool look!
    And it matches well with any trousers for a balanced look!

When it's a bit chilly, combine with a short-sleeved top or a light outer◎
The ironclad rule is to turn shor-sleeved top on over a dress, rather than wearing it inside a dress!
    • Very popular cotton knit top.
      The relaxed body width allows you to wear it over a dress without hesitation.
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    • The stretch cotton linen jacket is not only a summer cloak, but is also versatile in all seasons!
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