Look Around You 2024SS vol.2

Look Around You 2024SS vol.2

This is the first time in a long time that we've published this content!
This content is about items that we have received many enquiries and styling consultations about, to which we often reply individually, or items that we have ourselves but have not yet been able to show you how good they are! We pick up items that we have but have yet to tell you how good they are and focus on them once again.
This time, we focus on two items!
At QUADRATO, we only carry items that we select with confidence.
However, there are still many items that we are not able to convey their quality on our Instagram alone!

  • sanctamuerte
  • sanctamuerte

    The trench gilet appeared at the start of this season.
    Although it is a gilet, the trench coat-like collar is a fresh and very popular item.
    The collar makes this gilet look more like a coat.
    But the upper part of the body and the collar are made of cotton, and the rest is silk viscose, so the fabric feels perfectly fine even in summer!
    The length was also specified to be a versatile length so that even people in the 150cm height range can wear it!

  • The light and sheer material makes you move and feel good every time you walk!
    The middle of the back is made of silk viscose, so there's no problem with breathability!
    The armholes are also loose, so they won't be tight-fitting!
  • A real all-season item that can be enjoyed in different ways depending on the season!
    You can wear it as a base for your usual styling, or simply change the impression by adding it to a jacket or coat, or by changing the order in which you wear it!

Summer is the time for simple styling thanks to this gilet, which allows layered styling while remaining comfortable and easily upgrading your usual look!
    • 722 trousers and a long top.
      Of course, they are stylish and comfortable enough as they are.
      But there are also those who want to show their arms but are not quite brave enough to do so with just one long top.
    • It's amazing because just having a extra fabric on the collar and shoulders in a gilet makes it less resistant to the same arm showing!

    • Our favourite asymmetrical short-sleeved top.
      Not only does it balance well with any bottoms, but it is also breathable and comfortable!
    • Just by adding a gilet to a top that is so versatile that you end up washing it and wearing it straight away, the impression changes dramatically!
      Because you arrange and style it, you won't get bored of wearing it every day!

    • A back-cross dress that looks great on its own.
      You can also wear it with sandals to give it an effortless style look.
      The charm of this dress is that you can enjoy a different impression by changing the accessories, bag and footwear!
    • Adding a gillet takes the look from feminine to cool!
      Even long length item combinations do not weigh down the look of sandals!

Necklaces and bracelets are not the only accessories for summer styling, which tends to be simple!
Even this wallet chain can spice up your styling!

    " Check 4points! "
    ①Aluminium, which has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, is light, strong and rust-resistant!

    ②Unlike silver, the lightness of aluminium means that there is less strain on your trousers!

    ③The price is easy to afford as an item with a playful spirit!

    ④Can be attached to a variety of items, not only trousers, but also bags!

If you wear pants with belt loops, you'll want them on all of them every time!
It's silver, so it goes with any colour trousers!
    • The best three-colour styling in black, white and grey!
      The white inner tank gives a light impression!
    • The silver chain looks subtle on the beautifully toned grey trousers.
      Even simple trousers have a presence and character!

    • Even if the whole body is black, a glimpse of a white tank and sandals on the feet will make you feel and look summery!
    • Adding them to summer sandal styling gives the overall balance a more stylish look!

    • Despite being design trousers, the material is comfortable and easy to move in summer.
      Best worn with a simple top!
    • The wallet chain spices up the design of the trousers and makes them look even better!

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