How to master GILLET!

How to master GILLET!

Gillets have been in the spotlight since last season.
Ten years ago, gillets were available from many brands, and many people must have had a number of them.
However, the gillets of that time were limited in the styling they could be worn with, and not only did they only go with certain items, they also looked somewhat old-fashioned.
However, today's gillets can be worn with a wide range of styles, from casual to beautiful!
The reason for this is that they focus on the overall balance and silhouette and have no unnecessary embellishments!
This time, we focus on gillets that can be used from this season and can be comfortably layered in summer styling, which tends to be simple and bland!
One of the most frequently asked questions since its launch has been whether it goes with long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless garments. How to use it depending on the temperature and time of year, such as whether it goes with long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless garments.
We introduce the key points of each item and how to use them in an easy-to-understand way!

  • The trench gillet, a new sensation, can be easily combined with black, making it easy for beginners to try!
  • The textured grey dyed texture blends easily with white and black.
    Even with coloured gilets, Ichimai offers a wider range of styling options!
  • From casual to edgy, this gilet is just as COOL!
    Even in black, the fabric has movement and lightness!
  • The best match with black!
    The exquisite tone of the nude colour brings out the coolness of the black item to which it is matched!

Designed trousers made of a smooth material that is comfortable even in summer, in the cool colour HayCloud.
Goes well with black gillets◎
  • Long.S
    Hoodies out to add a casual feel!
  • Half.S
    White T-shirt for a balanced three-colour look!
  • Sleeveless
    Voluminous trousers are also moderately restrained by a gillet!

As useful as black, this textured grey gilet is first and foremost unique!
The trousers are bouncy cotton trousers with a styling range from casual to edgy.
  • Long.S
    Turn the jacket on over the gillet to integrate it!
  • Half.S
    Armholes are wide enough for wearing loose-fitting tops!
  • Sleeveless
    Best balance of the three mainstream colours!

This silhouette, which moves every time you walk, will also lift your spirits!
With white trousers, the movement of the gilet is more appealing, while still being lightweight!
  • Long.S
    Layered with long cardigan!
  • Half.S
    Loose-fitting tops for a relaxed look!
  • Sleeveless
    Simpler, more movement-attractive!

The silhouette of the Primo 722 trousers matches the front silhouette of the gillet perfectly!
And the best colour combination is the first choice!
  • Long.S
    Adds COOL to casual wear!
  • Half.S
    This is the power of the gillet!
  • Sleeveless
    Styling power is improved at a stroke!

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