Choice your BEST!!!

Choice your BEST!!!

This week's content is divided into two categories - those who is sensitive to heat and to cold - and focuses on two nylon weaves that are in season now, the best and most comfortable for the rainy season that is just around the corner!
The temperatures may finally be warm enough to wear short sleeves during the day, but at night the temperature drops dramatically.
However, the items you need to wear to stay comfortable differ depending on whether you are a hot-weather person or a cold-weather person.
The rainy season is coming next month.
So this time, we'll introduce the best cloaks for this time of year, when the difference between cold and warm is intense, as well as for the rainy season!
This is a real-life situation for the cold-sensitive and the hot-sensitive!

Unlike cotton, it has a smooth, dry feel.
The sporty image of nylon fabrics can be made stylish with the right design and small details!

    I don't want a sporty nylon blouson! This nylon blouson was picked up one after the other by those who wanted a light and thin garment!
    For those who are looking for a lightweight, thin weave, this is exactly what you need!
  • bajra

    Silhouette of the arms like a bomber jacket and the body like a blouson jacket.
    This balance makes it a bomber jacket that can be enjoyed by adults!
Comfortable not only when worn them!
It folds up compactly and is not bulky, so you can carry it with you!
At first glance, bajra's reversible jackets may look voluminous when folded, but they are compact without being bulky◎
The nylon blouson from RUNDHOLZ can be folded up so that it can be put in the crevices of a bag!

If you have to take them to the cleaners every time, it's not only a hassle, but you miss the time to wear them!
But because you can take care of it easily at home, you can wear it without any worries◎


Two blousons with completely different designs and silhouettes.
The rest of the items can be personalised with the best points of each!
The key point is that it is light and thin!
As a comfortable item for even the hottest of people, there is a difference not only in styling ability but also in a sense of security if you don't wear it!
" bajra "
Reversible type kills two birds with one stone, as you don't have to worry about getting lost in colour!
You can play with the styling of the trousers and tops without changing them!

    • BEST for who are sensitive of heat!
      And for everyday style and in cool style!
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    • For going out as a nylon blouson with a silhouette that also fits in with volume trousers with a stylish edge!
    • The design-oriented silhouette of the blouson adds an accent to simple everyday styling and makes it instantly look more sophisticated!

    • " BEST for those who are sensitive of cold!
      And for those who want to enjoy themselves greedily! "
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    • Black trousers + white top.
      COOL match for both, for maximum reversibility!
    • White trousers + black top.
      Just bringing white to the bottoms instantly adds lightness!
      The same colour combination can change the whole look!


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