Start by doing small things that we can! vol.4

Start by doing small things that we can! vol.4

This is the fourth edition of the CAN DO Project, in which a portion of the proceeds from the sale of eligible products is donated as a "project to both help the affected areas and generate sales for our own shops".
As one of our most memorable activities, this is the fourth time we have already done this, albeit in a very small way.
Not only in this activity, but also in our daily life, we feel that we have become more relaxed, looking at the small things we can do when we suddenly look around us.
In my experience of living abroad and working with people from overseas for many years, I sadly realise that in Japan, where I am from, there is a lack of awareness about 'taking action on little things that you can do even if they don't directly relate to you'.
That is why I would like to show what we can do with our actions.

【Donation amount】
・The donation will be made in the amount of 2000 yen respectively from the sales of each of the target products.

【Acceptance period】
・26th April - 27th May 2024.

【Donations can be made to】
・Japanese Red Cross Society Domestic Disaster Relief Fund "Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund"

A report on the fourth round of donations will be sent by email to each of the donors only after the transfer of funds at the end of the fourth round.

When it comes to printed T-shirts, the bajra printed T-shirt is a familiar name.
We have developed this printed series in many tops, from basic silhouette T-shirts, to thick cotton material and Mochimochi Jr long sleeves.
This time, the only one we haven't done so far is the most user-friendly type in a loose-fitting silhouette made of a thin, smooth cotton material!
Printed T-shirts do not = motifs, but "= colour accents! The good thing about this printed T-shirt is that it looks stylish even with simple styling!

Many people have problems with the size of this type of loose-fitting top.
A decade ago, it was the norm to wear the smallest size because of your height or body size, and the largest size because of your body size.
But that concept is different! We have repeatedly told you that this is not the case.
In fact, men with a firm physique can wear size 1 for a sleek balance.
Thin women go for size 2 and enjoy a more relaxed, punchy feel! Some people even say.
The new size selection for loose-fitting silhouettes is not to choose according to body size, but according to your preferred balance!
  • 【Front】
  • 【Open Arms】
  • 【Diagonally】

    • For sleek white trousers, go for a sleek size 1!
      The white trousers and the white print match well for a simple yet balanced styling!
    • Loose-fitting trousers and size 1 white base T-shirt.
      Good balance between white and black◎
      Fold the sleeves back to the desired length for the best balance!
    • All-black styling with loose-fitting trousers.
      The effect is to make the volume of the trousers look moderately sleek!
      The white print also accentuates the all-black summer styling for a clean look!
    • The black print acts as a spice to balance out the white and grey styling that tends to be blurred!
      Even in a relaxed size 2, it is easy to arrange, so you can also tuck the front into the elastic waistband to create an asymmetrical silhouette in the front and back.

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