Easy-to-match GREY Pants!

Easy-to-match GREY Pants!

The warm and pleasant days of May have finally arrived.
I feel so good when I go out in new clothes or in my favourite style! We've heard a lot of people say that they feel better when they go out in a new outfit or with a new favourite style!
So this time, we've decided to make styling more fun! More fun styling! So this time, we're focusing on grey trousers, which we hope fashion lovers will enjoy!
We've done this grey trousers content every year, and it conveys the goodness of grey trousers! This is one of our most popular contents because it conveys the goodness of grey trousers!

A few years ago, many people who only had BLACK trousers, now want to have/had coloured trousers!
Grey is by far the most commonly owned colour!
However, most people basically only wear black and white tops.
If you have grey, that's enough to start with!
Because even with the same grey trousers, the overall atmosphere and balance will be completely different if you wear black and white tops with them!
So this time, we've picked up three types of trousers, from the long-selling grey trousers to the trousers that many people are aiming for next!
    • " Trousers with a perfect combination of textured colours and design! "
      The product dyeing process called cold-dyeing, which requires a great deal of technical skill, produces an expressive shade of colour.
      And the wrinkled feel when the sides are crumpled gives the overall silhouette a crisp balance!
      These trousers are highly recommended for those who have shied away from grey trousers because they were worried that they would give off a fluffy grey vibe!
    • ×BLACK
      The black top is also crisp and balanced.
      Top of this length that also shows the crumpled side of the trousers is a good choice ◎

      Styled with a white T-shirt in a sleek silhouette for a good balance of freshness and stylishness.

      The silhouette and design of these trousers is what keeps them from being cluttered even when styled in a mix of black and white!

    • " Long-selling trousers are not to be missed this summer! "
      These sarouel trousers are popular all season long as the cotton and viscose material makes them comfortable even in summer!
      The uneven, embossed, expressive wrinkle texture adds to the grey colour, and even the deep sarouel is balanced by the ribbed hem.
    • ×BLACK
      Match the sarouel trousers with a loose-fitting top in a silhouette that blends well with the sarouel trousers.
      The boxy silhouettes of both pieces give a cohesive impression without being bland, even when wearing loose-fitting silhouettes!

      The asymmetrical, loose-fitting top has a neat length in the front, so even a white loose-fitting top does not give a bland impression!
      Add a COOL look with black accessories as an accent!

      In contrast to the loose-fitting sarouels, the top is sleek and crisp!
      The trousers and jacket draw out the best of each silhouette from the other, giving a sense of styling power, even if it is simple!

    • " Simple is best! Trousers that make you realise that "
      The more months go by, the more popular these trousers become.
      The silhouette is simple, but you'll know it when you put them on!
      They are not basic by any means, but the texture of the material, the colour, everything is well-balanced to make Ichimai with a proper material feel!
    • ×BLACK
      The styling of the grey trench gilet and the addition of black makes the look more grey, but not bland.

      When wearing loose tops with sleek trousers, it is important to have a short or long length!
      The overall balance is not too heavy◎

      Even though both the top and bottom are clean and balanced, the silhouette is not too tight and well-balanced.

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