How to Wear 100RO

How to Wear 100RO

This week, we focus on Primo's oversized asymmetrical long tops, which have received the most enquiries and consultations since their launch!
Many people are interested in this top but think it looks simple but difficult to make, but when we show them how to wear it in the shop and arrange it with various bottoms and dresses, they are 100% convinced and immediately decide to buy it in different colours.
In fact, it's not easy to convey this on the product page alone, so we've tried to keep it simple and easy to understand this time!

Even if you like the design, the next question is whether to go for black or white.
This item can be styled as a completely different impression of the same design.
And with prices going up and up, you may be surprised at the amount of fabric available! The price is affordable, and more than half of the people who purchased this item actually got it in a different colour!

Primo's summer essential, 100% cotton "RO".
With its firm, reassuring thickness and softness, it is used in many items, from tank tops to T-shirts and dresses!
RO material is not only comfortable to wear, but is also approved by everyone as a high quality material that can be washed without hesitation!

Enjoy the ease of arranging the loose-fitting asymmetrical design and the quality of the fabric!

1. Normal
The oversized and asymmetrical silhouette can also be worn simply and quickly.
By matching the trousers with a loose fit, the balance with the top is also easy to blend in.

2. Side Knot
The front and back ends of one side are tied in a single knot for a clean look!
The softness of the fabric ensures a beautiful line even when tied.

3. Front Short and Back tye
By tying the left and right front ends behind the waist, the front is short and sleek!
The knot tied behind the waist is also covered without discomfort by the loose back!

As the title suggests, both black and white are different and the styling is compared between black and white in each arrangement!
The goodness of wanting both is obvious at a glance!
    • By adding grey sarouel trousers when worn as it is, even BLACK does not give a heavy impression!
      Can also be worn as a dress on its own.
      The inner tank that can be glimpsed from the shoulders spices up the overall balance!
    • Both are based on simple styling with your usual trousers.
      And just by tying one side and arranging the other, you can instantly increase the sense of stylishness!
      The feet can be balanced with sandals as well as boots.
      If you are short, this one-sided knot arrangement will give you a well-balanced look in one fell swoop!
    • This arrangement is possible because the material is hard to lose its shape even when the hem is tied.
      An arrangement recommended for many people regardless of body shape!
      It also matches well with a wide range of bottoms, from slim bottoms to loose-fitting bottoms.
    • Just by turning a sleeveless dress on as a base, you can instantly create a cool one-piece styling!
      If you are not comfortable showing your shoulders, of course, you can also layer the dress on chilly days to make the most of the dress' movement silhouette!

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