The Denim Jacket series is a stable and popular all-season item that can be worn all year round.
This year's content focuses on the denim jacket series, as many people want to get their hands on them every year, especially in spring!
We have already introduced that each of them has a particular detail as a denim jacket by having a texture in the wash and colour ochi-feel, so this time, the content will focus on each of the three models we have picked up from the perspective of each of them!
Why don't you enjoy denim more this spring and enjoy a different spring styling?

Blue Wash, which tends to give a casual impression, has an oversized cocoon silhouette for a stylish look!
The Blach Wash texture differs from a pitch-black jacket and does not give a heavy impression!
The texture created by the denim material is good◎
Denim blousons with fine details that are difficult to achieve with denim material definitely make a valuable piece!

    • Even when combined with trousers with a loose silhouette, a sleeve-cut jacket can be worn with a loose oversized top and bottom and still look well-balanced.

    • Simple styling with items that each have a beautiful silhouette, but with a sleeve-cut jacket, it looks even more fashionable!

    • The sweatshirt zip is very popular as a springtime garment.
      Styling in monotone black and white is teppan styling.
      By simply shifting to a denim jacket, such a teppan styling is instantly given a new vibe, without changing the trousers and sweatshirt top!

    • The edgy impression of white trousers can be combined with the BlueWASH jacket, which is recommended for beginners of white trousers, as the BlueWASH neutralises the overall colour tone!
      Even when matched with all-BLACK styling, they do not give a heavy impression!

    • The sleek, knee-length length gives a not-too-heavy impression, even if only a glimpse of the trousers can be seen!
      Also, the washed colour tone of the denim balances well with black and white as well as brown items!

    • Even a simple black-and-white styling can be instantly transformed with a detailed denim blouson!
      Plus, by pinning the front button line and shortening the front, you can make it more balanced and easy to match!

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