No Tee, No Knit, it's New Summer Top!

No Tee, No Knit, it's New Summer Top!

With the weather finally warm enough to wear short sleeves during the day, this week's focus is on cotton linen tops, which QUADRATO recommends this summer!
Most people who have short-sleeved cotton tops that don't easily lose their shape will be able to wear them as they are this year with plenty of room to spare.
So, if you have a cotton linen top that doesn't wear out, you can use it and wear it as it is, and then add this cotton linen top as a new top to your wardrobe this year to broaden your styling options!

This top has a relaxed body width and raglan shoulders.
The length is daringly clean and short, which is not only good for a natural layered look with an inner tank, but also unlike conventional knit tops that tend to look hot and uncomfortable in summer, even though they are comfortable to wear◎
" Basic BLACK is comfortable BLACK even in summer "

" Calm khaki is the most usuful colour, matching both white and black! "

" Best colour for COOL and softness, not available in white! "

There are four things we definitely want to tell you to get you to try new knit tops from T-shirts!
  • " Safe to the touch, even for delicate skin! "
    70% cotton, 30% linen, soft and not stiff at all.
    Even those with sensitive skin will have no problems at all, and heavy use is confirmed for this summer!
  • " The uneven knit weave of the knit prevents sweat stains from being visible! "
    Sweat stains show up on flat cotton T-shirts.
    But with this knit top, they are much less noticeable than with a T-shirt!
  • " A good knit that is not too tightly and not too loose. "
    Knitting with a tight stitching will result in heat build-up and poor ventilation.
    Knitting a loose knit with a large eye will allow for good ventilation, but will also make it easier to scratch.
    The knit tops were made by adjusting the knitting to the best summer knit!
  • " Exquisite and absolutely particular length! "
    The most important thing to keep in mind with knit tops is that the styling looks heavy and hot.
    If you're going to wear an inner tank anyway, it's easier to balance the lightness and styling if you get the best length, assuming you're going to wear a tank!

It is easy to style, just like a T-shirt!
In fact, the overly casual atmosphere of a cotton T-shirt is not too casual with knit tops.
Knit tops are multi-purpose, balancing well with everything from loose-fitting trousers to slim-fit trousers!
  • " BLACK "

    This knit top in BLACK does not give off the image of black knitwear that looks hot and bothered.
    It is light and easy to match, even if you show a glimpse of the white inner tank, or dare to show the inner tank in black for a clear look!

    Khaki in summer is one of the colours that you should definitely keep in mind as it gives a completely different impression just by matching it with white and black!
    Match it with black for an edgy look! Match it with white for a fresh look! And accentuate with tonal trousers and a black inner tank!
  • " WHITE SAND "

    If you are thinking mainly of wearing it with black trousers, WHITE SAND is definitely the way to go!
    Relaxed and stylish, not too casual, not found in white T-shirts.
    Trousers can also be worn in a wide range of styles, from loose-fitting to sleek.

Anyway, the amazing thing about this knit top is that it goes well with any dress!
This is no problem for those who don't like sleeveless or cami onesies, not only when it's chilly, but also when the silhouette of the dress is maintained from the chest down!
    • Camisole dress with beautiful DESERT colour and drape.
      The inner trousers are also DESERT, Feminine & COOL!
    • A must-have for edgy styling, this dress with a knit top is a stylish shift from edge to stylish!

    • Balloon dress made of firm cotton with more than three times the amount of fabric as usual!
      A mood-enhancing dress that moves every time you walk!
    • The dress's beautiful under-bust line and silhouette are retained, while the SmokeGreen knit top is added for a less sweet dress style!

    • The silhouette created by layering a simple cotton knit dress is uniquely cool and beautiful!
    • The perfect balance between cotton knitwear and cotton knitwear.
      Both knits are smooth and do not stick to the skin even when sweating.

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