Perfect BLACK Pants for our SUMMER!!

Perfect BLACK Pants for our SUMMER!!

The heat wave has continued day after day since the beginning of July.
This summer is said to be hotter than last year, and the heat is said to last longer than last year, which is exactly what it feels like.
Therefore, based on the situation of BLACK trousers, which are indispensable even in summer, this time we focus on BLACK trousers to enjoy fashion while making this heat as comfortable as possible!
Some trousers can be worn in all seasons, but in this heat, to be honest, some items are tough to wear.
It would be a waste to force yourself to wear your favourite trousers that can be worn in all seasons in this heat! It's times like this when you need to be smart and give them a rest until the weather cools down, and then start wearing them again in autumn/winter in good condition, which is one of the key points for long-lasting wear!" That's what we think.
So, this time we introduce pants that are more comfortable in the summer heat, based on what we have actually felt when wearing them!

There are two types: a smooth, comfortable type made of 100% cotton and a stretchy linen or polyamide-based type.
Broadly speaking, these two types of material are the BEST!
" COTTON 100% Feel Dry! ❶❷❸ "
Trousers made of smooth, resilient cotton or two thin layers of kersey-like fabric are comfortable and easy to move in thanks to their design and excellent patterns, even if they are not stretchy!

" Linen/Polyamide with Strecth! ❹❺❻ "
Thin, yet secure without transparency and with a stretchy feel.
Stretch is also used to make trousers with a clean silhouette more comfortable!

One of the most common questions is about the silhouette, such as which is sleeker or looser. A side-by-side comparison of the pants from ❶ to ❻ is clear!
✔ The most relaxed Andrea's trousers❶ can be worn in a number of ways, depending on the arrangement of the shoulder waistcoat, waist and elasticated hems, and can also be enjoyed in a sleeker way!

✔ The difference between the similar but often confused❷and❺pants is the difference in material and length.

✔ When you compare them in this way, it is easy to see that they are loose-fitting sarouels, but give a sleek impression❸.

✔ The big difference between❻ & ❹both popular as sleek pants is the silhouette below the knee, whereas ❹ are sleeker and slimmer.

The six models of trousers all have a thinner, silkier fabric compared to typical trousers.
The chart below shows a further comparison of the six types of trousers.
By comparing the lightness of the fabrics, with 'Light' on the left and 'Supper Light' on the right, you can easily compare them with the trousers at hand if you already own one of them!
✔ ❶ & ❷ But the material is light enough.
As a cotton material with a firm feel, these trousers look and feel all-seasonal.
As an all-season trouser, the material can be worn in summer most of the time.

✔ The❹❺ is Primo's smooth material, which has already been felt by many people over the last 5-6 years and is comfortable in the summer heat.
Not only does it not stick to the skin when sweating, but it also dries easily.
The❻material is similar to the❹❺ with stretch and a smooth texture.
Plus, it has a matt look compared to ❹❺.

✔ The ❸ is made of two pieces of gauze-like thin cotton material, which makes it light and breathable, but not transparent and secure!

Comparing each of the six types of trousers, each has its own similar but in fact different advantages.
Based on the many enquiries and consultations we have received, we have compared the pants that tend to be confused with each other!
  • Exceptional trousers as all-season trousers launched this summer!
    Exceptional trousers with no comparison in terms of design, material and usability!
    They are just so cool! The more I wear them, the more I find myself hooked on these trousers!
  • ❹×❻
    If you're a full-length, sleek trouser type, even in summer, these two models are the first choice.
    For those who prefer slimmer trousers, we recommend the Primo!
    If you usually wear loose sarouels but also wear slim trousers, we also recommend themkrom!
  • ❷×❸
    Same 100% cotton, but completely different material textures!
    Two must-have trousers for those who like loose-fitting trousers!
  • The absolute and strongest 722 trousers with no need to hesitate!
    Without these trousers, summer styling in Quadrato would not even begin!

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