Look Around You 2024SS vol.1

Look Around You 2024SS vol.1

The first content of April focuses on bajra's 2-way tops, which are most useful in this season of alternating warm and cold days, as well as in all seasons except midsummer!
Many people know this top, which is so popular that it is released every year in different materials.
Even though the silhouette is the same, the different materials and colours give a completely different impression, so much so that some people have a complete set of all of them!
This time, we've compiled the reasons why these tops are so popular, along with the real voices we've received when we've sold them, and thoroughly examined the sizing, which many people are unsure about!

" Don't just choose your size based on your body size! Choose according to what kind of atmosphere you want to wear◎ "
It is of course possible to wear it in your normal size, but it is also possible to wear it loosely in a size2 instead of a size1 if you are usually a sizeXS-S, without feeling worn out, as it has a side drapy line.
Conversely, a person who normally wears sizeM-L can dare to wear size1 for a more relaxed look.
The fabric is supple, so even if your chest or stomach would normally be tense, this top will give you a surprisingly relaxed look. (However, we recommend size2 for those with a firm thickness from the elbow to the wrist.)
Size 1 has a good, clean length with a glimpse of the inner tank.
The trousers can also be shown, giving a more active impression.
Size 2 is long enough to cover the buttocks.
It is the perfect match for loose-fitting trousers and gives an edgier, more stylish impression!

This top has such a proven silhouette that this top has appeared in different materials before.
The final chapter of this proven top is all about balance!
    • Can be worn over a jacket with neat arms!
      Even with a loose silhouette, it's because of the smooth, stiff fabric!
    • Made from a smooth, fluff-free cut-and-sew material and Tencel, and can be washed at home! Easy to handle!
    • Reverse the front and back for the best balance of simple or accents to suit your styling!
    • The body width is loose in both cases, with a difference in size around the arms from the elbow to the wrist.
      However, the silhouettes are clean and sleek.

Even though the styling base is the same, the impression changes between size1 short and size2 long!
The overall silhouette also changes, with size1 having an active feel and size2 a mode look!

    • White trousers are tightened at the ankles to add volume.
      The balance between black and white changes depending on the size of the pants.

    • Even with design-oriented trousers, the silhouettes of both sizes match beautifully when matched with the cut back!

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