Stay fresh forever!

Stay fresh forever!

The year has changed and January is quickly coming to an end this week.
For those who are looking for new items, many of us feel that the unchanged products are not enough.
But we know that. We feel it first and foremost, before anyone else does.
But if it's an item that we actually use and that has always been a must-have item, then we don't need any changes to it!
As long as the item is an indispensable item, there is a reliability and value in the items that are said to be unchanged, which cannot be generated by new items yet.
It is precisely because there are items that say that, when new items are introduced there, they both have their own merits!
So this time, for those who are looking forward to the new items, we would like to tell you again why we are still handling these bags frequently!

Two bags of different sizes and of course different designs.
Of course, there is no comparison, which is why both are indispensable!

It is not so easy to surpass this backpack, which meets all the requirements in terms of design, size and practicality!
While there have been backpacks from many brands over the years, this is definitely the one that meets all the requirements!
That's why we still carry it!
    • In addition to the solid capacity, the easy-to-use external pockets on the front and sides of the bag are also highly appreciated by those who already own one!
      The side pockets are deep enough to hold a 500mm PET bottle, and you can't even tell from the outside that it's in there!
      Also, you can put your mobile phone in the side pockets without worrying that it will fall out.
      ✔Large capacity but not shapeless

      ✔Side pockets are deep enough to reach the bottom

      ✔Safe for heavy items, from laptops to documents
    • Backpack
      It is surprisingly easy on the shoulders, even when carrying a very heavy load!
      And even with a full load, it never becomes flat and unbalanced!
      Shoulder Bag
      It is also practical and practical to hold it hanging on one side, as if it were a shoulder bag or a tote bag!
      Hand Bag
      It has two handles, so you can carry it like a handbag.
      Of course, it can also be carried elbow-to-elbow.

Despite being launched as a backpack in the men's collection, many people of all ages and genders use it because it goes with just about any styling!

A bag that feels like an accessory is useless if it is not practical!

Just the right size, just the right balance, just the right pockets.
Bags filled with familiar "just right" features are so luxurious that you want to treat yourself to them!
    • Luxury bags can be used for both daily use and when you want to look sharp!
      The bag is moderately compact in appearance, but can still hold an ordinary long wallet!
      ✔Despite its appearance, it holds a minimum of personal effects!

      ✔Convenient internal external pocket is best for mobile phone storage!

      ✔The bag itself is light, supple and strong leather!
    • Crossbody Bag
      The basic, crossbody hangers are a definite daily favourite!
      The length can be adjusted to match the volume of outerwear and tops.
      Shoulder Bag
      The most natural way to finish it is to tie the long state of the belt at the side and hold it by the shoulder without having to shorten it at the belt hole!
      Clutch Bag
      Use the leaf silver leather part to make a clutch bag!
      It is best to tuck the strap into the pocket on the back!
      Body Bag
      Can be shortened by adding a hole in the belt hole to make it body-back style.
      Use the suppleness that is a feature of soft leather◎

From casual to edgy and cool feminine. One way of holding it can make a different impression!

In spring and summer, it is more difficult to layer, so styling is simpler. That's when you need a good bag to give your styling a boost!

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