Season-LESS, Time-LESS, MORE WEAR!!!

Season-LESS, Time-LESS, MORE WEAR!!!

This change of season brings alternating warm and cold days.
Some people want a new pair of trousers, but wonder what to wear at the right time of year.
We highly recommend bajra's Mochimochi Sweatpants series for those times of the year when you have trouble finding clothes.
The Mochi Mochi sweatpants have already been restocked in December and are already in stock for this spring/summer.
There are two types: a relaxed sarouel type and a slim type.
Even though the trousers are made of the same fabric, they are worth picking up as something completely different depending on the shape and colour, which is why we focus on them from different angles!

" Just change the size and they become a different pair of trousers. "
These slim trousers have added ribbing to easily balance the hem of the trousers.
They are very popular because there is no need to fold them back and they can be quickly worn with boots or trainers as is.
And most of the people who have tried them on in the shop say that they feel balanced around the legs in any size, so much so that they are confused about the size!
So this time, I, who am 162cm tall and my usual best size is a size S, compared and contrasted the different atmosphere and balance by size!

" Size2 "
If you want to show a clean and beautiful leg effect that is hard to believe that they are sweatpants, wear them in the right size!
For an atmosphere with a proper slim-pants feel.
" Size3 "
Sleek but with a good amount of room in size3.
Easy to match with any boots or trainers!
If in doubt, go for this size! A size so versatile that you'll want to say "This is the size for you".
" Size4 "
A size 4 with a truly casual yet stylish look.
The balance is similar to the size S of the thomkrom jogging trousers we have selected so far.

Outerwear styling without outerwear for the still cold days of spring styling, which is inspired by the coming season.
And outerwear-free styling on warm spring days.
Both are a realistic balance for the coming season!
    • A crisp combination of slim trousers and a loose-fitting top will give a stylish impression all by itself!
    • The opposite of the slim fit of size2, the loose-fitting sarouel is worn with a slim fit on top for a crisp look!
    • The sleekness of the arms and the leg area.
      The tops have a relaxed body width and a sense of ostentation, so they are well-balanced!
    • Bringing boots to the feet balances the sarouel pants!
      Casual but cool!

If you think that matching with black is the only way to go, you're wrong!
The power of the CAFÉ LATTE colours with their particular tones can even go with white!
Styled with outerwear that will surely be a big hit in spring!

    • Cool casual in black, with outerwear in the same colour DUNE!
      This balance seems difficult, but it's easy! And it has a high styling ability!
    • A balance that is not too rigid for everyday casual wear.
      Add black to spice up the look with a bag, shoes or a jacket!
    • The combination of sweat sarouels and back tulle is a styling we highly recommend!
      Wear with a slim jacket!
    • Combined with an asymmetrical white top, the combination feels spring-like!
      Add a black stole cardigan that moves with every step and you have a truly spring look!

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