GIFT for you

GIFT for you

Thank you for always supporting me! I am grateful for the kind words I receive from people all over the world who appreciate the items I select.
To reach more people and make it easier for you to access my selected items, I am excited to announce the launch of a new webstore! I hope that this new platform will make fashion more accessible and enjoyable for people all over the world.

As a commemorative item for the opening of the new international WEBSTORE, a gift present for those who fulfil the following conditions!

✔Present for a single purchase with a total value of 80,000 JPY.

✔Combinations of multiple orders are invalid.

  • bajra
    Collaboration bag only with QUADRATO Boutique.
  • bajra
    Collaboration bag only with QUADRATO Boutique.

    Collaboration bag with Japanese brand bajra.
    Original print on sweatshirt fabric in black×white colour combination for ease of use and styling!

  • Japanese Material
    Outer surface made of sweatshirt material.
    To prevent it from losing its shape when in use.
    The inner lining is made of cotton material.
    Both fabrics are made in Japan and are light, strong and easy to use!
  • Best Sizing
    The size is H60cm x W50cm x D10cm and can hold A4 size documents with room to spare!
    The best size is the drop shape, which does not give the impression of being too large when held in the hand!

    • " With Daily causal by all sweat items! "
    • " With Stylish Femminine for all woman! "
    • " With Active Stylish for Unisex styling! "
    • " With Simple styling adding as accent! "

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