Our favorite Blouson Coat brought spring with it!

Our favorite Blouson Coat brought spring with it!

A few months after its release, this blouson coat has finally appeared in the contents this time.
The reason why we focus on it in the contents at this time of the year is that the spring/summer collection was actually bought at the same time when this blouson coat was released, and we couldn't see anything beyond this blouson coat, so we wanted to wear this blouson coat in the spring as well! I want to wear this blouson coat in spring too!
And because it could be worn in midwinter by simply throwing it on over any top, over a woven or knitted garment, we wanted to sell it as a long-loved Ichimai that could be used not only in spring but also for a long time, so after a long period of warming up, it finally came into focus in the contents this time!
So this time, I'm going to summarise and introduce the points about how this blouson coat is my favourite, so much so that both Watashi and Yamada have got it in different colours!

A must-have for khaki lovers, this is the most striking item since the back drape!
Active yet cool at the same time!
After all, you can't miss BLACK!
Even if you have a number of black outers, this design is in a totally different of mind than ever before!
Easy to match and an absolute must-have!
This exquisite tone, which is closer to beige-brown, is so exquisite that many dared to get this colour first instead of black!

    • The T-shirt which accented with a transition and straps with movement on both sidesand and loose-fitting parachute trousers are the perfect combination of simplicity and style!

    • The Mochimochi Jr. Hoodie can be worn alone from now on in spring with its not-too-thick fabric, and the clean silhouette goes well with white trousers as well as coloured trousers.

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