How to Measure your Size


① Shoulder width ・・・Measurement from the edge of the left shoulder to the edge of the right shoulder

② Neck to wrist length ・・・Measurement from the center of the back of the neck to the cuff that passed through the shoulder

③ Sleeve length ・・・Measurement from shoulder seam to the wrist

④ Body width ・・・Measurement from left armpit to right armpitm

⑤ Total length ・・・Measurement from the back collar to the hem

※Flat putting size


⑥ Waist ・・・Measurement taken around the waist

⑦ Rise ・・・Measurement from the top of the waistband to the crotch seam

⑧ Inseam ・・・Measurement down the inside seam on one leg from the crotch seam to the bottom of the hem

⑨ Thigh width ・・・thigh width

⑩ Hem width ・・・hem width

※Flat putting size


⑪ Waist width ・・・Measurement taken around the waist

⑫ Total length ・・・Measurement from the waist to the hem

⑬ Hem width ・・・hem width

※Flat putting size


⑭ Width ・・・Measurement from side to side

⑮ Height ・・・Measurement from the opening of the bag to the bottom

⑯ Gusset ・・・Measurement across the bottom from center front to the center back

⑰ Handle length ・・・Measurement from the highest point of the handle to the bag opening


⑱ Diameter ・・・Diameter of the top of the hat

⑲ Height ・・・Length from the lowest point to the top

⑳ Inner diameter ・・・Inner diameter of the hat


㉑ Total length ・・・Length from the wrist to the middle finger

㉒ Around the hand ・・・Palm girth at the base of the thumb

㉓ Around the wrist ・・・Girth of wrist


㉔ Length ・・・Length of the sole

㉕ Sole, Heel ・・・Sole thickness, heel height

㉖ Height ・・・The length from the point in contact with the ground to the highest point

㉗ Top opening ・・・Girth of bootleg


㉘ Heelh ・・・Measurement from the point at which the heel touches the sole, to the floor

㉙ Height ・・・The length from the point in contact with the ground to the highest point

㉚ Length ・・・Length of the sole

㉛ Storm ・・・Measuring the storm from top to bottom in the highest position