How to Master of our sweat zip!

How to Master of our sweat zip!

Focus on the bajra sweatshirt zip, which can be worn proudly now that it has been restocked four years after its launch!
This sweatshirt zip has an aura that is different from just any sweatshirt zip, yet it is easy to match with everything from casual to beautiful.
We introduce the quality of the silhouette, which cannot be conveyed on the product page, and also introduce a combination with a raccoon knit, which was not possible four years ago, to counter the sudden return of winter cold this weekend, as well as a combination that can be layered to instantly boost your styling ability!
If you already have one, you can still continue to love it!
And if you haven't got it yet! Don't take this with just any sweatshirt zip!

We have been using this zip-up sweatshirt for 4 years and we like this sweatshirt! We picked up four points that we like about this zip-up sweatshirt!
This time, we'll be wearing our own size3-4.
By the way, the size comparison wearing is introduced in the detailed photos on the product item page!

    • " Slim&Neat silhouette, and keep warm! "
      When the back zip is closed, it becomes a zip-up with a clean and simple silhouette from the front!
      The simple front silhouette is accentuated by the closed zip in the back!
      And when you close this back zip, you get surprisingly warm around the hips, so it's a must to keep it closed when it's cold!
    • " Egdy&Stylish, Moving silhouette! "
      With the zip at the back open, it has an asymmetrical silhouette that falls forward!
      This asymmetrical part creates movement every time you walk, which makes you feel good!
      The sweatshirt material has an edgy feel to it, which is why it goes well with conservative as well as casual styling!
    • " No need worry about Zip! Just little arrange! "
      Will my hair get caught in the zip depending on my hair style? Some people worry that their hair might get caught in the zip depending on their hair style.
      I had the same worry when I wore my hair down, but if I folded it outwards, there was no problem at all!
      Moreover, when you look at it from the front, the design of the zip around the face is also intact!
    • " Perfect layered with Raccoon knit! "
      Layering with raccoon knitwear, which we couldn't do four years ago!
      When we started doing this this this year, we were both completely hooked, so much so that we had to have it reproduced for the first time in four years!
      This raccoon combination is the strongest in terms of both warmth and fashionable appearance!

We have days when it's over 20 degrees Celsius, and then it's back to mid-winter cold...
Even on such cold days, layering with a raccoon knit will keep you looking and feeling warm.
When the cold settles down, you can throw it on over a top and use it as a light outerwear!
See Styling1-2 for styling against the sudden return of midwinter-like cold.
Styling 3 and 4 introduce spring styling images!

    • Even in all-black styling, the different materials give a cool, coherent impression!
    • In and layered inside a blouson coat, which is still cold on its own.
      While attracting coloured items, it also provides a solid protection against the cold!
    • Spring styling with a lightness in grey and white, put together firmly with black!
      For those who tend to look bland in white-grey, this is a quick and easy feather to weave!
    • Just throw it on over a casual combination of styling to instantly transform it into a cool casual look!
      It's easy to see how it goes with everything!

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